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It’s not your job to worry about surety bonds. It’s ours.

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How Working With the Right CPA can Increase a Contractors Surety Capacity


Securing a Surety Bond for your Business

A search of the Florida Statutes for “surety bond” yields 311 returns. Now granted, the term is used redundantly while referencing the same type bond(s) in a number of statutes. However, it also points out that there are many different types of surety bonds that are required by the statutes. The state of Florida actually…

How do you find the right surety bond agency?

Look for the agency with an “Uncommon Bond.” Most businesses do not worry about their bonds until a problem arises. Then, when the company needs one or has trouble with its existing bond source, many owners have to make a quick or rash decision, or just accept the terms that are dictated to them. Yet,…