Look for the agency with an “Uncommon Bond.”

Most businesses do not worry about their bonds until a problem arises. Then, when the company needs one or has trouble with its existing bond source, many owners have to make a quick or rash decision, or just accept the terms that are dictated to them. Yet, the decision should not be taken lightly as it has a serious impact on your business and personal assets.

What is most important when choosing a surety bond agency?

The agency you choose should have many years of surety experience, deep relationships with a variety of surety bonding companies, and should be willing to provide your company with an “Uncommon Bond.”

What is an “Uncommon Bond?

Definition of uncommon: out of the ordinary; unusual.

An “Uncommon Bond” includes:

• A team willing to do whatever it takes to get unique, difficult, and challenging bonds written even after other agencies have come up short.
• An agency that cares about you, wants you to be successful, and is willing to provide the greatest service possible.
• An agency that makes doing business with them enjoyable.

The agency offering an “Uncommon Bond” is Guignard.
Guignard Company Team

About Guignard
Guignard realizes there is so much more to your company than the numbers. With four decades of experience in the industry, Guignard understands that finding the right surety is important and not always easy. This is why Guignard has over 20 trusted surety partners who will custom-tailor a solution for your surety bond program. When you partner with Guignard, its team will remain firmly by your side every step of the way.

To learn more how Guignard can become your “Uncommon Bond”, bond agency, please visit: https://www.guignardcompany.com/

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