Contract Performance Bonds

Contract performance bonds are crucial part of any business agreement. In simple terms, contract performance bonds ensure that contractors complete projects in a satisfactory manner. The terms and conditions of what constitutes “satisfactory” are detailed case by case, but it’s important to specify wherever possible to avoid substandard results.

A lot of surety bonding agencies will say they do whatever it takes to help their clients succeed. At Guignard, we follow through on that promise by working with you to decide the best terms for your contract performance bond.

Our contract performance bonds reflect our company integrity and we’re dedicated to maintaining the high standards we’ve always kept. Whether traveling out of the country to represent a client to a local authority, negotiating with obligees, or simply being available and responsive to our clients when they need us, we are committed to standing by you and your company from start to finish.

Over the past 77 years, we’ve produced thousands of successful contract performance bonds for satisfied clients. We’re proud of the many examples of prosperous projects we’ve helped bring to life through our quality contract performance bonds and passion for the human element in each business.

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