Orlando Business Journal’s 2022 Best Places to Work

Longwood-based surety bond agency Guignard Co. was chosen as one of Orlando Business Journal‘s 2022 Best Places to Work winners in the micro category, which includes companies with 10-24 employees. Read more about the honorees in OBJ‘s Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2022, weekly edition.

The company’s coolest employee amenities and perks include:

  • Getting to work with a supportive and caring group that always encourages innovation, education and expression of idea
  • A “get away from your desk area” where employees work on puzzles and play games when they need a break
  • Activities like a “walk around the world” with company-purchased Fitbits, which recorded all employee steps, totaled them and celebrated each quarter with a lunch from the location they were “in.” It took 14 months, and the team celebrated with a day at Epcot’s food-and-wine festival.

Here’s more from President Bryce Guignard and Business Development Assistant Mariel Urchipia:

What one benefit/amenity/perk do your employees most value? Our company provides a comprehensive health insurance plan to employees and their families, covering 99% of the premium.

What’s your most unique strategy for attracting new employees and keeping the ones you already have happy? Build it and they will come — or stay. Having an exciting culture where people feel appreciated and challenged is our strategy.

Is it harder to recruit here in Central Florida? No. There’s plenty of talent in Central Florida coming from the local colleges or via people relocating to the area.

What advice would you offer companies seeking to create a better workplace? Listen. Be open minded. Get out of your comfort zone, but maintain focus on excellent customer service.

What is your employees’ favorite Central Florida venue for a company picnic or outing? We enjoy Sanford. We’ve done the Limo Cycle and we love the zoo.

Describe your company culture in a hashtag: #Supportive

Guignard Co.