Since 1987 March has been Women’s History Month. It is the month to celebrate the contributions and achievements women have made over the course of history in a variety of fields. This week March 6 – 12, 2022 in our industry is known as Women in Construction Week or WIC Week. Women in Construction Week was founded by the National Association of Women in Construction. NAWIC began in 1953 by a group of women to help create a support network for other women in the industry. In 1998 NAWIC founded WIC Week to continue its mission of strengthening and amplifying the success of women in the industry.

Since then, WIC Week has become an important week to bring awareness to the availability of careers for women in the industry. Currently women comprise only 10.9% of the industries work force and only 1 of 100 front line employees are women. Women currently make up 47% of the entire employed work force which means that only 1.25% of those women are in the construction industry. This shows how important WIC Week is to help bring in more women into the industry that would greatly benefit from it.

Guignard is proud to not only support NAWIC and WIC week but to have a member of our staff as the current NAWIC President, Kelly Phelan. Guignard has several team members that will be participating in several NAWIC WIC Week events including a job site visit. We support and believe in the history, mission and opportunities in the construction industry that WIC Week brings into light for all women.